"AI Vision for All, Powered by High Quality Data"

hyperQ solution is based on a large pre-trained AI generative algorithm.

This allows you to achieve high-quality results with small amounts of data.

hyperQ combines best-in-class technology and innovative approaches 

to provide users with the best results.

hyperQ is different from existing solutions

Data learning optimization

hyper Q utilizes a large, pre-trained AI model to automatically optimize the parameters needed in various industrial sites and helps anyone easily achieve the highest level of performance.

Rapid learning and validation

By applying five AI learning models and automated data labeling models, hyper Q is more than 10 times faster than manual verification and provides high-accuracy inspection results without human intervention.

Convenient  UI/UX

hyper Q provides an intuitive UI/UX so that everyone can easily use the product. Users can quickly learn how to use the product and quickly put in work, and managers can manage all projects at once.

Manufacturing sector

It can be used to inspect manufacturing defects in various industries such as automobiles, parts, and injection molded products.


Culture and Arts field

Various motion and facial expression recognition can be used in communication education and training, 

such as playing musical instruments, sports, and acting. 

Art & Culture

Application examples

HYPERNOLOGY 's hyperQ technology is actually used in various fields. 

AI Samulnori 3D animation production 

Lidar pin inspection solution 

Metal dent inspection solution (over 10um)  

HYPERNOLOGY is drawing the future together with many customers and partners.