In the semiconductor manufacturing process, machine vision is used to inspect products such as masks, wafers, and chips and identify defective products.

Perform pixel defect and pattern checks in display manufacturing.

Semiconductor  |  Mask Inspection

In semiconductor production, machine vision inspects the quality of masks, that is, masks that produce patterns of semiconductor chips.

Check Pattern Accuracy 

Machine vision accurately inspects fine patterns and circuits in the mask.

Defects and defect detection 

Detect defective masks, cracks, and foreign substances, and quickly identify them to remove defective masks.

Semiconductor  |  Wafer Inspection

Machine vision inspects the quality of the wafer, or the raw material on which the actual semiconductor chip is manufactured, in semiconductor manufacturing.

Defect detection 

Inspect the wafer for fine defects, cracks, and thin layers of defects, and quickly identify them to block defective chips.

Inspection of Chip Patterns

The wafer accurately inspects the pattern and circuit configuration of each chip to ensure that all chips are consistent with the specification.

Semiconductor |  Chip Inspection

During the production of semiconductor chips, machine vision serves the following roles.

Evaluate chip completeness 

Machine vision checks the chip's location, connection status, size, shape, etc. to verify its quality and eliminate defective chips.

Display  |  Pixel Defect Inspection

During the display panel manufacturing process, machine vision inspects for pixel defects on the screen.

Detect Pixel Defects 

Machine vision checks the pixels on the screen to see if it is a screen free of any defects.
Detects pixel defects, stains, turned-off pixels, etc.

Screen brightness uniformity check 

The machine vision checks the brightness uniformity of the screen to maintain proper brightness and color in all areas of the screen.

Display  | Pattern Inspection

Machine vision is utilized to inspect the patterns and layout of display panels.

In this case, machine vision plays the following role: 

Check Pattern Accuracy 

Machine vision ensures quality by accurately inspecting the display panel's patterns, text, and graphic elements.

Check pattern consistency 

Ensure that the pattern on the display panel appears consistently to ensure that the screen is consistent.