Automotive assembly lines use machine vision to assist in the assembly of vehicle parts and detect defects to maintain quality. 

It is used for environmental awareness and driving path planning in driving assistance systems and autonomous vehicles.

01. Assembly Support 

Part Recognition 

Machine vision systems accurately recognize various automotive parts used on assembly lines.

Determine location and orientation of parts 

Machine vision assists robotics and assembly operations by determining the location and orientation of each part.

Bad part detection 

Machine vision identifies bad parts or defects during component assembly.
If parts are not assembled correctly or are defective, an alert is raised and defective products are sorted out to maintain quality.

02. Leveraging machine vision in autonomous vehicles and driving assistance systems 

Environmental awareness 

The machine vision recognizes the surroundings of an autonomous vehicle and detects and analyzes roads, signals, vehicles, pedestrians, etc. in real time through the camera.

Driving safety and driving assistance 

The car utilizes a machine vision to detect dangerous situations while driving and to alert the driver via a driving assistance system. 

Parking assist 

Machine vision detects parking space and identifies parking space size and obstacles to help drivers park their vehicles safely