Steel / Heavy industry

Machine vision is used in steel and heavy industries to monitor cracks, defects and corrosion during the process and take precautions.

Improve product quality in an automated manufacturing process.

01. Monitoring cracks, defects and corrosion during the process 

Crack detection 

The machine vision system operates in high temperature and high pressure environments, is used to detect cracks in metal parts, and detects microscopic cracks on the surface of the part to ensure the durability of the part.

Defect detection 

Machine vision identifies defects, incomplete parts, defective joints, etc. of metal parts and detects defective parts quickly.

Corrosion monitoring 

Machine vision monitors the surface corrosion of metal parts and tracks the speed and extent of corrosion.

02. Automated manufacturing processes and product quality improvements 

Automated inspection and assembly 

Machine vision inspects the exact location and orientation of the parts in an automated manufacturing process and supports the assembly of the parts.

Quality Control and Statistical Analysis 

Machine vision accurately measures the dimensions, shapes, and surface conditions of the product and utilizes the data for quality control and statistical analysis.

Classifying and sorting defective products 

Machine vision classifies and automatically sorts defective products based on product inspection results.