Food & Beverage

Leverage machine vision in food production processes to automate product inspection and packaging and maintain high-quality food production.

Labeling and expiration date checks are carried out to ensure quality and safety.

01. Product Quality Inspection 

The machine vision system inspects the quality of the food products produced, at which point it serves.

Visual inspection 

Check the product's color, shape, size, and surface defects to see its appearance quality.

Defective product detection 

Machine vision identifies strange objects or defective products and automatically classifies them to separate defective products from the production process.

Packaging inspection 

Check the packaging status of the product and check the exact location and assembly of the cover, envelope, label, etc.

Automatic packaging 

Machine vision supports the process of automatically packaging products once inspection and quality verification are completed,
Select the appropriate packaging materials and packaging methods according to the type and size of the product and automate packaging operations.

02. Labeling and shelf life inspection 

Labeling Inspection 

Machine vision checks the exact location, alignment, text, barcode, or QR code of the labels attached to the product.
This ensures that the product has the correct information. 

Inspection of the expiration date 

The expiration date of a food product is important information. Machine vision reads and inspects the expiration date printed on the product package
It guarantees products that are not past their expiration dates and ensures the safety of consumers.