Optimizes inventory management and delivery processes by automating product identification, classification and tracking using machine vision in logistics and warehouse management.

It utilizes robots and drones to improve automated logistics processing.

01. Automate product identification, classification and tracking 

Product Identification
The machine vision system accurately identifies the product by recognizing its barcode, QR code, shape, color, and more.

Product Classification
Machine vision automatically classifies products and distributes them to specified categories or locations.

Product Tracking
Machine vision tracks product movement and location to manage inventory in real time,
It provides information such as where the product is, when it arrived, and when it was shipped. 

02. Automated logistics processing with robots and drones


Combining machine vision and robot technology, it is used by robots to move products within warehouses and transfer them to selected locations.


Drones scan warehouses and logistics spaces at high speed and use machine vision to perform inventory and product identification.