"AI Vision for All, Powered by High Quality Data"

Artificial intelligence technology is solving existing difficult problems and increasing productivity. 

“Hypernology Co., Ltd.” researches new artificial intelligence technology 

and provides various solutions so that anyone can easily and conveniently adopt 

and use artificial intelligence technology, 

as well as services that increase the convenience of work and life.



With the belief that the latest AI technology is nowhere to be applied, 

we apply AI to all existing industries 

to maximize productivity and efficiency and minimize user costs. 


Be Imaginative

Rich imagination enables progress in a better direction.
We want to lead our work and life positively and contribute to creating a better world through unlimited imagination. 

Quick Learner

Fast acquisition can lead real-time changing trends and new technologies such as the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the metaverse.
We will also increase our corporate value by accepting new cultures and technologies. 



Sociality is important for socializing and cooperating with people in society, business, and individuals.
We will take the lead in practicing social values through a flexible organizational culture that respects and understands individual values.